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Alexander Wang Fall 2012 turtleneck on Freja Beha Erichsen, shot by Amy Troost for Industrie Magazine No.7 
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Bats Can Navigate using Polarized Light
by Sid Perkins
Forget the phrase “blind as a bat.” New experiments suggest that members of one species of these furry flyers—Myotis myotis, the greater mouse-eared bat—can do something no other mammal is known to do: They detect and use polarized light to calibrate their long-distance navigation.
Previous research hinted that these bats reset their magnetic compass each night based on cues visible at sunset, but the particular cue or cues hadn’t been identified. In the new study, researchers placed bats in boxes in which the polarization of light could be controlled and shifted.
After letting the bats experience sundown at a site near their typical roost, the team waited until after midnight (when polarized light was no longer visible in the sky), transported the animals to two sites between 20 and 25 kilometers from the roost, strapped radio tracking devices to them, and then released them…
(read more: Science News/AAAS)
photo by Top-Pics/TBK
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Jakob Madley Photographed by Frank Lohmann for A.N.D Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook
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Michele Lamy
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kazuo ohno and his son Yoshito
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Adel Abdessemed Telle mère tel fils, 2008 (David Zwirner Gallery)
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Giuseppe Penone, Pelle di Marmo e Spine d’Acacia (Gemma), 2002
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Jackie Ferrara, (D20) Concave Curved Pyramid (A and B) 1-76, 1976
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Le Livre de la vérité de parole. Transcription des textes égyptiens antiques, par le Dr J.-C. Mardrus, Paris, 1929, illustrated by François-Louis Schmied, bound by Henri Creuzevaul 
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Feline demon, Flauros.